What could change your everyday life

A home that reflects your
personality and makes
you feel “at home”

Comfortable lighting that creates
the right atmosphere and a colour
scheme that speaks of you, giving
your home character and defining
the internal spaces

Attention to ecology and
sustainability, with specially
designed systems and materials

A space designed for you and
your lifestyle

A made-to-measure

Interior design & bespoke furniture

for private clientele and companies

    We spend much of our time indoors, so it is important for the interior design to reflect our lifestyle and our needs, while being attractive and welcoming.

    Designing a room is a highly responsible task, because it directly influences the life of the client. I believe it is fundamental to entrust such a project to qualified and experienced experts.

    I have always worked in the field of interior design and have concentrated on both the practical and the aesthetic aspects, continually experimenting and increasing my know-how. My team and I tailor the project to the client, creating a vision that is familiar, comfortable, inspiring and attractive.

Colours and lighting

for private clientele and companies

    Colours have very precise and very different characteristics and will affect people differently. It is essential to start from the theory of colour, using them in different ways in order to suit the people who will be living in these spaces.
    Over the years, we have carried out in-depth studies on this subject so that we can meet our clients’ specific needs, creating exclusive settings that totally reflect their personalities.

    With light you can illuminate, or allow for shade, you can give importance to it or hide it, but above all you can create atmospheres in space, warming it in an intimate and familiar way or making it serious.
    We need to study every detail, because light is never obvious or interchangeable; it radically changes the function and the perception of a space. Every environment is profoundly determined by light.

    Colour and light are essential for reviving spaces, adapting them to the persons who live in them, defining functions or attracting attention.

A sustainable home

for private clientele and companies

    In addition to my qualifications as an interior designer, I have a degree in Architecture and have specialised in sustainability and ecological questions.

    It is important to plan the technical systems of a project correctly, choosing materials that derive from sustainable production chains and guaranteeing the durability of the materials used.

    My team of experts and I have studied innovative ideas to guarantee clients an ecologically sustainable project.

A room all for me

for private clientele

    The project is also aimed at parents who want to create a welcoming environment for their children: we will evaluate together the needs of both parents and their children, their age and their needs as they grow up.

    For the realization of any project, it is of primary importance to personally meet with the person(s) involved, then study the room or space to be created or renovated carefully, watch the way in which the person moves around in that space, understand how he or she perceives it and analyze any possible disruptions in the conformation of the environment. Should consultation be via Skype, it would not initially be possible to work on a project for the said room or space, only a “suggestion" could be offered.

    On request we can also design a piece of furniture tailored to any particular place.

A non-place becomes a place

for companies

    My services also include the redesigning of workspaces in order to make them more livable, with the idea that a more welcoming workplace, adapted to the well-being of its employees, can positively improve their performance and productivity.

    In the case of companies, it is impossible to consult via Skype, because of the complexity of the circumstances.

I offer interior design consultancy, for domestic, commercial and corporate environments.