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The project begins from the notion that architecture is not merely a silent container of human life, but a space that inspires, accompanies, protects and generates relationships. This space must be designed for real people and endowed with precise characteristics, not just inspired by an abstract and pre-established idea of human beings.

The research behind this study is therefore designed to explore the relationship between interior architecture, psychology and aesthetics, focussing on certain fundamental issues.

The Place

Starting from the place, with its intrinsic characteristics and, at the same time, from the person who is to live in it, with their specific needs, is like trying to weave a thread that connects two worlds, the intimate world of the person and the identity of the place. This is the challenge faced when beginning a project.

The Light

Light, as a vehicle of the sensible world, is the first form of corporeity. In the perspective of this study, lighting is a key aspect of the project, because space is defined through light. Light can create not only an atmosphere, but also radically change the function and the perception of an environment.

Francesca Melchiorre Architetto e Designer. Ha lavorato presso numerosi studi di architettura di interni a Torino e a Parigi, dove si è occupata di contesti storici e contemporanei specializzandosi nel recupero, nella progettazione e nel design.
Francesca Melchiorre Aarchitetto d'interni Progetti Residenziali Commerciali e Studio di oggetti di Design


Born in Torino, after classical studies, she obtained a diploma in classical dance at the Royal Academy in London and a master’s degree in Architecture for Sustainable Design from the Politecnico di Torino. She is enrolled with the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators of the City of Torino.

She has worked at a number of interior design firms in Torino and Paris, where she has dealt with historical and contemporary contexts, specialising in reclamation, planning and design.

The Colour

Colours, according to Plutarch’s now ancient definition, are the first patterns of matter. They serve to divide space, define its functions and create movement, generating sensations and inducing behaviours. This is why they play a central role in architectural work. In contrast to the industrial levelling of dyes and mechanical colours, the research behind this project aims to create an aesthetic colour, anchored in life and memory, as Manilo Brusatin recalled, capable of recognising itself in the patina of time and reinventing lost colours.


Finally, it is now inevitable to consider the question of sustainability in every project. We have gradually developed some innovative ideas that guarantee limited consumption of resources, applicable to ordinary homes.

We pay particular attention to the choice of materials, with a preference for natural ones and for the reuse and improvement of old or existing elements.

Francesca Melchiorre Architetto e Designer. Ha conseguito la laurea magistrale in Architettura per il progetto sostenibile al Politecnico di Torino ed è iscritta all’Odine degli Architetti, Paesaggisti e Pianificatori di Torino.
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