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Nel puro cerchio un'immagine ride
(Eugenio Montale)

By combining vertical momentum, horizontal scan, and circular continuity, this library created a dialogue between the veins of the walnut and those of the breccia capraia. >>

Francesca Melchiorre - Progetto Residenziale Torino
Francesca Melchiorre - Progetto Design Torino
Ti guardavano i rami del tiglio
(Milo De Angelis)

The golden light that filters from the lime trees settles, with its shadows, on the walls and materials of the house, revealing the details and inviting your hands to discover them. But it’s just a reflection and the eyes know it.>>

Nel suo vago confine immaginario
(Jorge Luis Borges)

Starting from a dream, embracing a shell with a pearl of light

Losing your way in the circles reflecting a pensive image,

starting from a dream. >>

Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Residenziale Torino
Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Residenziale Torino
Ogni nuovo mattino,
uscirò per le strade cercando i colori
(Cesare Pavese)

Our eyes allow themselves to be guided, trustingly, they follow the lines, plunge into the shapes and dangle in the empty spaces. The coherence of the unusual is expressed in the details.

We are in harmony with the reassurances of the inflexible straight lines and the energy of the intense colours that subtly communicate with each other, restoring a space to us.>>

Ora oltre l'ipotesi
(Emily Dickinson)

It seems to be composed and unchangeable in form, but the shades of burnished brass reveal glimpses of fantasy: an invitation for imagination, interpretation. Everyone sees what is already in their eyes: the relation between the forms brings objects to live and fantasy slips from our fingers. >>

Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Residenziale Modica Sicilia
Progetto di Design Torino
Ha l'aria, tutto, come se qualcuno dovesse veramente rimanere
(Umberto Fiori)

Horizontal and vertical chase and cite each other, the contrast of colours emphasises the play of direction. The linear light interrupts the perspective of the hanging lamps and the extractor hood is disguised as a cabinet.

“I want a bright home.” Without the brown, the white would be lost in its own mistiness: the brown defines, it halts the wandering gaze. It is possible to surrender to the warmth of simply being. >>

Ed anch'io, per non essere antiquata, mi metterò un gioiello
(Emily Dickinson)

Supported by the wall, it rises up like a totem pole with its inclined legs set on the floor. It is the guardian of the jewelry, displaying them in ranking order. Its slight structural slant keeps the necklaces apart and nicely in view and like arabesques, the bracelets and rings are placed on wooden cones,. The earrings run along a coarse string which hangs over an orange velvet carpet, revealing its beauty in the mirror. >>

Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Residenziale Modica Sicilia
Progetto di Design Torino
accesa improvvisa
(Alida Airaghi)

It was not possible to hide them in the walls, so the wires weave, link, draw. The lamp hangs sedate but eye-catching: the materials make a statement. Every element speaks and tells a story that remains unvaried, unchanging, although the objects express something new every time the glance lingers there.>>

Abito nella possibilità
(Emily Dickinson)

I could be, with a leaf in my mouth, a four-legged animal carrying a large oblong backpack from which hang jewelry (who knows to whom they are going, or where they are going), or a little house with two trees on the roof (how did they end up there?). Or even a shrew with a grinning smile, hair and scarf fluttering in the wind, or a fat hen, or maybe a medieval castle (will it be ready for the party?). Its proximity to the books makes it contagious: here every day there is a chance for a new story. >>

Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Residenziale Torino
Apple_Shop Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Commerciale Torino
Arriva anche tu dal futuro
A costo di fendere il ghiaccio
(Valerio Magrelli)

The rule we had given ourselves was: all the surfaces in oak, all the storage cases gray. 

With the lights, of course, we had an agreement: it would be Superloon, the queen of lighting. It  warms up the entire environment, and illuminates from all directions. The others, like stars, would follow in its path. There however remained an unresolved question, not yet determined, which broke every rule we had chosen to follow: the blue-green velvet settee, which was meant to recall the eyes of those who entered the store and to welcome the most tired bodies. >>

Almeno sarà un segno della Terra,
l'unico che si scorge dalla Luna
(Valerio Magrelli)

The differences are counterbalanced, everything is simplified into white lines, black geometries and some green cut-outs. But every pointer alludes to real life and the red buildings give back to the space its real dimension. So, with this in mind, it is not difficult to imagine the students at Campus Einaudi, the people at the station waiting to leave, those at the market stalls of Porta Palazzo and all the families in their homes facing the streets, and participating in life. >>

Agenzia-Immobiliare Progetto di Ristrtutturazione Commerciale Torino
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