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Commercial project

Architetto Francesca Melchiorre - Progetto Commerciale Torino 2017
Arriva anche tu dal futuro
A costo di fendere il ghiaccio
(Valerio Magrelli)

The rule we had given ourselves was: all the surfaces in oak, all the storage cases gray. 

With the lights, of course, we had an agreement: it would be Superloon, the queen of lighting. It  warms up the entire environment, and illuminates from all directions. The others, like stars, would follow in its path.

There however remained an unresolved question, not yet determined, which broke every rule we had chosen to follow: the blue-green velvet settee, which was meant to recall the eyes of those who entered the store and to welcome the most tired bodies. 

Turin Gran Madre, 2017 - Mac@Lab
Collaborations:  Photographer Marco Tacchini - Arch. Stefano Cannata
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